Barber Streisand is an offbeat unisex barbershop.

Committed to the clippers, but turned off by the old-school trimming trade and tired of the pretentious posturing of those new Gentleman’s Clubs groomers, we offer an invigorating alternative.

We like to do things our way. So we’ve kicked to the kerb all the boring bits of barbering and kept only the little things we love.

“Shit-hot men’s hair and short, sharp cuts for women” – Anon

Cuts & Trims

Standard Cut – £28

Beard/Moustache Trim – £9

Standard Cut with Beard/Moustache Trim – £33

Clippers only (different grades) – £18

Buzz Cut (one length) – £14

Outline (neck cleanup) – £7

25% Student discount Mon to Fri 2-5pm,  25% key worker discount at all times





profile-jarekJarek (by Daniel)

Jaroslaw Machowski, young prince of Poland, in France they call him ” Le cheveu Chameleon”, but in England we know him better as the creator of the “Hel-mullet” haircut. Behind his sweet Polish accent, Jaro will surprise you with his own sophisticated use of the English language.

He was Ravenclaw’s head prefect in his final year of the prestigious school of Hogwarts where he discovered the “Spotify”spell.

His favourite character in Twin Peaks is the Log Lady.

And with his amazing hairdressing skills he would even make a log look pretty.

Jarek is usually available Tuesday through Thursday at the very least but you might be lucky enough to catch him other days if his busy life schedule permits. Call ahead if you want to check he is in or book with him.


 Danny Essex (by Ellie)

They say there’s a chav born every minute, and young Danny’s parents crossed their sovereign- ring encrusted fingers and prayed he wouldn’t be one of them.

Auspiciously named after punk band the Dead Kennedys, and with a facebook photo history littered with pouting emo teenage angst, it seemed for a while as though they had gotten away with it.
Of course it didn’t happen overnight, the first signs were so subtle as to go unnoticed, a whiter than usual flash of teeth through his surly late-teens snarl, orangey smears on his beloved Bob the Builder pillow-case, the suffocating stench of too much hairspray when they entered his room, and a bangin’ car stereo bought with his xmas and birthday money put together.  And so Darwin’s theory prevailed (those chavs have good jeans and good genes), and Danny Essex was finally born. You can take the geezer out of Essex but you can’t take the Essex out of this Romford boy.

Danny works like a dog and is more likely to be at the shop than not. Call ahead if you want to check he is in or book with him.


 Stefania (by Danny)

The Italian Renaissance, a time of beauty, architecture and a painting of a woman called Mona sitting down being lazy when she should have been out doing the weekly shop at Lidl.

Fast forward nearly 600 years and it brings us to Stefania. The girl has got Italy, Dolmio Sauce and Nutella Pizza flowing through her veins.

  Unlike most Italian stereotypes, Stefania is not a mobster nor does she look like Super Mario, what she does have is flair and passion and in large quantities, I experienced this whilst we was playing table football, petrifying is a word that immediately springs to mind.

  But underneath the exuberant and quite frankly terrifying table football playing style you will never fail to notice and admire the infectious energy, fieriness and charisma that this Italian lady has to offer.

Stefania operates to a strict work/life balance and is off Mondays, Tuesdays and alternate Sundays. Call ahead if you want to book with her or double check she’s in.


profile-ellieEllie (a poem by Jarek)

She is the boss- enough said.
May be enough to inform,
but not to discover her greatness.

Sharp mind- helloo- „Barber Streisand”
she named the shop.
Gentle heart
-of course she would not admit it
but she takes good care about her staff

Sharpest even music taste-
no space for grayscale
the songs she only loves or hates.

The gentlest when she sees a cat
although she doesn’t mind dogs.
Winona the cat occupies her flat

and clients lap.

and quirky look
and a lot of tea
and Morrissey
this is Ellie.

Ellie recently joined the ranks of recycling enthusiasts and fighters against the dampness.

Ellie drifts in and out of the shop at leisure but if she’s not there you can be sure she is definitely hard at work doing admin. If you want to speak to her about anything your best bet is to call the shop and leave a message, or drop her an email below. 


profile-daniel**Our beloved Frenchman is currently off on a 6 month jaunt in India with his hardworking girlfriend but we’re all hoping to see him back with us in July. He said he won’t feel betrayed if you give one of our other barbers a spin in his absence.**

Daniel (by Ellie)

Suave, Parisienne intellectual Daniel has clearly never heard of french resistance and can be routinely seen handing over his pay packet to girlfriend Becky “for essentials”. More henpecked than a 1970s sitcom protaganist, Daniel doesn’t let this get in the way of his more manly pursuits, such as ballet, picture books and, apparently, aussie rules football. Short-sighted and Napoleonic of stature, fellow Corsican-born Daniel has fought his own battle to become a master barber, deploying the strategy of cutting hair on tippy-toes. Perhaps if General Bonaparte had adopted that tactic we’d all be speaking French now.There is some suspicion amongst his colleagues that Daniel is not in fact French at all, but merely avoiding the need for an Aussie work permit by speaking in an unconvincing French accent. Voyons si vous comprenez ce Daniel?


Let’s talk about money, honey.

We don’t believe you should choose between your bills and your barnet. So we have clear and reasonable pricing, with no hidden charges. Because we’re not dicks. You can find a full price list via the link above.

Come and see me sometime.

Anytime.  Just rock on up and get your hair did whenever suits you. You can find our opening times under the contact link. We are even open Sundays!

Picture this

Don’t be coy.  If you know what you want, tell us. We live to make you happy. Okay, maybe not, but we do really care about giving you what you ask for so, if you have a photo of a cut you think is totally amazing, just bring it in. We won’t laugh at your optimism or anything. Promise.

I just don’t know what to do with myself

Totally clueless about what you want?  Our barbers will happily advise you on the perfect coiffure for your cranium.

We all have our vices

Fancy a beer or a G&T with your haircut?  That’s fine, we’re not judging you, but we don’t have a license. You are welcome to bring your own, and we will even keep your chair warm while you nip to the shop to get one. That way our less substance inclined customers don’t have to subsidise your boozy habits and everyone’s happy.

She’s just a devil woman

After a short sharp cut?  Well we enthusiastically embrace ladies who want their locks lopped. Because we know some dames like things differently, and so do we, which is why our prices are the same, regardless of gender. No time spent on long blow-drys means no need to charge a penny more.

All about aural

There’s no ambiguity about our ambience.  We like music, good music, and that means no commercial or talk radio. That does not mean you have to talk to us instead, if you want to just kick back and relax, we won’t get offended. We even have a ‘No Holiday Chat’ policy, which means that should any of our barbers ask if you are going anywhere nice on your holidays they lose their job. Just joking. Maybe.

The kids are not alright

It’s not that we don’t like children (honest)  but our space is an adult environment that we want our punters to enjoy to the fullest, so no cuts for littluns.

Hairdresser on Fire

We are not hairdressers, we are barbers.  We live or die by the quality of our clipper fades, we understand that your hair needs to look good until your next cut, not just your next shower, and we are happy to trim your bushy eyebrows and excess ear hair, as well as the stuff creeping above your collar. We draw the line at pubic topiary though; there are specialists for that.

Sorry not tonight, I’m washing your hair

There is nothing more tedious than washing hair.  And unless your follicles are filthy or you’ve been a bit profuse with the pomade, we don’t really need to wash your hair before working our magic. So unless you want us to, we won’t, and if we don’t then we all have an extra 10 mins of our day to enjoy, everyone’s happy.


We all fantasise about having a little something on the side. Well we’ve broken the rules of decency and just gone ahead and done it.

We sell artist-designed branded T-shirts, fabulous vintage clothing and some incredible bits of art.

We also sell a range of American Crew and EVO hair products to complement your cut. That should scratch your itch for something different.



Barber Streisand

Unisex Barbers

45 Exmouth Market

London EC1R 4QL

(Nearby: Farringdon, Clerkenwell, Angel, Islington)

Tel 0207 278 6524

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Walk-ins & appointments every day

Mon to Thu – 11AM to 8PM, Fri – 11AM to 7PM

Sat – 11AM to 6PM

Sun – 11AM to 5PM

*Please note the last appointment/ walk-in taken is half an hour before closing

Barber Streisand - Unisex Barbers

Barber Streisand - Unisex Barbers - London

Or you could drop us a note. We like notes too.