What We Offer

Barber Streisand is a unisex barbers and our services & prices reflect the job done, not the person being done!

We specialise in short hair cuts: short back & sides, curtains, skin fades, scissor cuts, bowl cuts, French crops, English crops (a French crop for the Eurosceptics) you name it, we will cut it. We offer a natural, soft finish to your cut, our skin fades go to zero and we don’t use blades.

We cut long hair too, but don’t forget we are a barbershop, so think traditional men’s longer cuts, trimming the ends and a bit of a tidy up. If you are after a super-stylish bob you’ve seen on some A-lister you should probably head for the hairdressers instead.

We don’t wash hair unless we decide there’s a need,  and we only offer a rough dry (no posh blow drys here). 

We trim beards but we don’t do wet shaves.

We offer three types of booking slots based on appointment length:

Buzz (15 mins), Standard (30 mins) & Hefty (45 mins).

Still not sure what to book? Give us a call or drop us an email and we’ll take it from there