In which Barber Streisand answers all your problems.

Dear Barber Streisand, Do you do wet shaves? JR, Dallas, Texas

Dear JR, No we don’t do wet shaves or use blades. We also won’t set fire to you ears, no matter how much you beg. We will however happily trim your beard with clippers, and take your hair (head or chin) right down to a zero grade. Regards,BS

Dear Barber Streisand, Do you do womens hair? Miley Cyrus

Dear Miley, We aim to offer an alternative to expensive womens hairdressers for women with cropped hair, who only require a half hour slot and need more frequent trims. We are able to offer this at the same price as the mens cuts because they do not take any longer, or require any additional resource, equipment or skill. We also offer barber-style trims for longer hair, nothing fancy , and you’ll need to book a Hefty Haircut for the extra length. If you are unsure whether we will cut your hair please check first and dont be offended if you are declined. We do fringes! Regards,BS

Dear Barber Streisand, Do you do scissorcuts? Jonny Depp

Dear Jonny, Yes, the barber will consult with you on how they will cut your hair, if you have a preference for scissors or clippers then please let them know. Regards, BS

Dear Barber Streisand, How long does a haircut take? Ace (the band)

Dear Ace (the band), We operate 30 minute slots for standard haircuts, although depending on the length, thickness and style a haircut could take anything from 20 to 50 minutes.  Beard trims we assume 15 mins, but again this is variable. Please check our Services page for guidance on what to book. Regards, BS

Dear Barber Streisand, Can I book in advance? I like to book in advance. Richard Branson

Dear Richard, Absolutely! We have booking slots available every half hour, although these tend to fill up the day before for busy periods (lunchtimes and evenings). You can book online via the website, or in-person in the shop. Unfortunately we are unable to take bookings by phone.  Regards, BS

Dear Barber Streisand, Do you take walk-ins? The Proclaimers

Dear Proclaimers, In these post-pandemic times most people book ahead, so walk-in slots are limited. If you still want to chance your arm by popping in unannounced we will see if we can fit you in, or let you know when the next available slot is to book.  The last haircut we take is half an hour before closing.Regards, BS

Dear Barber Streisand, Can I book with my favourite barber? A. Stalker

Dear A, How sweet, yes of course you can! When you book online you can select your preferred barber, or select No Preference and let fate decide!Regards, BS

Dear Barber Streisand, What are your busy/ quiet times? Elon Musk

Dear Elon, During the week we are usually busier over lunchtimes 12.30- 2pm and after work from 6pm. Weekends its a bit harder to predict. You can always book ahead if you want to be sure to get in. Regards, BS

Dear Barber Streisand, I’m going to be a few mins late- what shall i do? White Rabbit

Dear Mr. Rabbit, If you are going to be late, even just a few minutes, please call us and let us know. We can hopefully still fit you in as planned, but depending how late you are and what other bookings we have we may need to squeeze you in at a later time. Letting us know will give us a chance to assess the situation and find the best solution,  so that hopefully you won’t be charged for a missed appointment.  Regards, BS

Dear Barber Streisand, I need to cancel, it’s really short notice and I’m embarrassed. Should I let you know or just hope you won’t notice when I don’t show up? Prince Harry

Dear Prince H, Please please let us know! We would far rather you cancel with 2 minutes to go than not show up at all. Letting us know will give us a chance to try and fill your slot at short notice, which would avoid you being charged for a missed appointment.  Regards, BS

Dear Barber Streisand, Does it cost extra to wash my hair? Justin Beiber

Dear Justin, We only wash your hair if it needs to be washed for cutting, or if you want it washing, either before or after the cut. There is no additional charge for this, just ask the barber. Regards, BS

Dear Barber Streisand, Do you do student discounts? Rik

Dear Rik, Times are hard these days, even for us capitalist bastards, so unfortunately we are no longer able to offer student discounts. I think you will still find our prices extremely reasonable for the location and quality of service we provide. Regards, BS

Dear Barber Streisand, I never know whether I should tip! Should I tip? How much? Simon Cowell

Dear Simon, There is never any obligation to tip but if you want to it is always very much appreciated by the barbers. If you do, a couple of pounds on a standard haircut seems to be the accepted norm. All tips go directly to your barber, and can be added onto a card payment. Regards, BS

Dear Barber Streisand, What product do you sell? Donald Trump

Dear Donald, We have a range of  Evo Hair styling products available for sale. Suitable for most modern hairstyles.  Regards, BS

Dear Barber Streisand, Do you take debit / credit card / AMEX? Mark Carney

Dear Mark, We certainly do- in fact HMRC will be pleased to hear we no longer accept cash! You can book and pay online or in person. Regards, BS

Dear Barber Streisand, I notice all bookings require advance payment. This makes me very nervous! Will I get my money back if I can’t make it or am not happy with the service? Martin Lewis

Dear Martin, Don’t be nervous! We will happily refund any cancellations made within our 3 hour policy without question, although please give us a few days to process the refund and time for your bank to clear it. If you are not happy with the service just speak to Jarek or Ellie and we will try and come to a resolution you are happy with.  Regards, BS

Dear Barber Streisand, Do you sell gift vouchers? Santa Claus

Dear Santa, Yes we do! Regard, BS

Dear Barber Streisand, Is there wheelchair access to the shop? Ironside

Dear Mr Side, We have pavement level access and the shop door is wide enough to accommodate a standard wheelchair. Feel free to give us a call if you need further clarification on whether we can meet your needs.  Regards, BS

Dear Barber Streisand, Why don’t you do long hair for women? Rapunzel

Dear Rapunzel, We offer a Hefty Haircut for longer hair, which is a barber-style trim, nothing fancy. We do not offer ‘hairdresser’ cuts for women’s longer hair, precision bobs, blow drys and colour, because it is not economically feasible at our prices and our staff do not necessarily have the right skillset or equipment to do this. There are a myriad of hairdressers that will happily cater to your needs. Regards,BS

Dear Barber Streisand, I have a complaint- what shall i do? Ann Robinson

Dear Ann, If you are unhappy about any aspect of your experience please do let us know, we want to provide a great experience for everyone and can only do so if you let us know when we fall short of expectations. You can speak to Jarek or Ellie, or if you prefer to call the shop or email then please leave contact details so we can get back to you. We will always try to come to a happy resolution for you. Regards, BS

Dear Barber Streisand, I really want to work for you! Got any jobs? Jeff Lebowski

Dear Jeff, We are a growing business so are always on the lookout for talented, friendly and reliable staff. Get in touch and if we are not currently recruiting we will keep your details and get in touch when we are. Regards, BS