Profiles- where we turn the inane questions back on the barbers.



So, tell me what line of work are you in? Big Boss, Big Wig, Big Cheese, Big Kahuna, Boss Lady, Top Dog, Top Cat, Top Banana, Top Brass, Head Honcho, Whip- Cracker, String- Puller, Ball- Breaker, Commander- in- Chief, King Pin, Queen Bee, HMFWIC at the inimitable Barber Streisand

Are you local then? Now yes, but originally from the West Country. I wheel out the brizzle accent occasionally when it’s important to have some extra gravitas: Bank Manager: Yes madam, how can I help you? Me: Alroight my loverrr,  I wants to borrow some munney dud’n I

Been anywhere nice on holiday recently? There is no rest for the wicked Isaiah 57 [paraphrased] 

Any plans for the weekend? Could go either way, something debauched like Netflix and chill with the cat, or the more civilised pursuits of drunkenness, loud guitars and nihilism.



So, tell me what line of work are you in? “If the haircut was a pencil, I would be a pencil sharpener If the haircut was a soup, I would be all the spices If the haircut was an avocado, I would just smash it” author unknown

Are you local then? Fairly, I live in Moomin Valley, few stops on Fantasy line from here. I can also be quite often seen in Hipster Central. Sorry, Hackney Central I meant, Of course

Been anywhere nice on holiday recently? Hmm. I don’t remember exactly where was it, but the weather was lovely, people very friendly, food amazing and I loved it. I think, that is exactly where you have been last time. Haven’t you?

Any plans for the weekend? I may knit some hornwarmers for homeless triceratops, go to the cinema to watch film, that was given the least number of stars from Time Out or make another attempt to write something, that would possibly end up being the worstsselling novel ever. Anything really, that would let me go to bed before 10:30PM so I wouldn’t need to rush my dreams about fully recycleable world.



So, tell me what line of work are you in? I cut shapes into hair (& sometimes on the dance floor)

Are you local then? I am now, yes. I had to escape Melbourne as there is a huge man eating spider at large. I won’t go back until he is caught. So I thought where could I go where no Aussie has dared to go before? I know London!

Been anywhere nice on holiday recently? It’s like being on holiday everyday here at Barber Streisand, come see for yourself! Be whisked away to a land of beautiful hair you never knew you had

Any plans for the weekend? You will find me most weekends face down in a bowl of ramen. I work hard, I play hard!



So, tell me what line of work are you in? For 16 years I have been touching men and occasionally women for a living.

Are you local then? Yes. I’m a Kiwi who sucks at Rugby and can’t do the Hakka. I have been told though that on a Sunday morning I kind of look like Gollum from Lord of the Rings.

Been anywhere nice on holiday recently? I went to Mykonos and came back looking 10 years older. Not from excessive partying, it was the intense Greek sun of course.

Any plans for the weekend? Omg talking to anyone who will listen about how like totally amazing my life is now that I started my detox